James F. Landes


Jim Jim Landes' story began far from the famous wine regions of California. Having been born and raised on a farm in the Midwest, each day after school and in the summers, Jim worked in the fields tending the crops and watching over the family's livestock. He would have likely stayed on the farm but, for economic reasons, Jim left and pursued other opportunities.

As Jim worked his way to California in the following years, he took a keen interest in wines and began accumulating an impressive collection, mostly California Reds. In 1979 he moved his family to the Santa Clara Valley and immediately knew this was the place to finally call home.

When the opportunity presented itself to purchase an 80-acre piece of mountain land in the pristine Santa Cruz Appellation, Jim found himself, once again, back on the farm. When it was discovered that the land had supported vineyards one hundred years earlier, it was an easy decision to return the land to its original roots. Jim and his wife Cheryl along with long time friend and now Black Ridge Vineyards business partner vowed to produce the best wine possible and make no compromises in doing so along the way.

"The traditional Bordeaux blend has always been a personal favorite of mine. As such, it is my goal to bring to you a structured, robust Estate red with great aging potential. The varietals and clones were carefully chosen at planting as blending options to produce the most complex and interesting wine possible. I hope that our wines find their way into your dinner conversations with family and friends alike."

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